Planning a Vacation

Planning a vacation in Avalon or Stone Harbor, NJ

For generations, families have consistently built exceptional seashore memories by vacationing in Avalon or Stone Harbor. The beaches of both communities are wide and clean, our communities are open and friendly, there are retail and restaurant options abound and our island boasts many spectacular homes for the savvy investor.

Its no wonder our island communities draw so many people year after year – sometimes celebrities too!

Vacationing in Avalon and Stone Harbor THEN

Planning a vacation in Avalon or Stone Harbor is much easier now than it was years ago. Nearly a century ago the social elite of the Philadelphia / New York would climb aboard trains, dressed to the nines in suits and gowns, and endure a long and non-air-conditioned train ride through a mostly undeveloped and swampy South Jersey to finally arrive on our island.

Once off the train, making it to the cool ocean breezes required a near jungle safari experience. Brambles and thorn bushes lined the edges of all young beach paths. The air was laden with biting flies and mosquitoes. Finally on the beach, the bugs and jungles were replaced with soothing breezes, waves and open beach to relax upon and enjoy.

Its humorous to imagine all these well-dressed people going through all this to spend a day at the beach. Obviously 7 Mile Island had cast its spell on them as well.

Vacationing in Avalon or Stone Harbor NOW

These days you simply pack a couple bags, pile the children in the car and suffer a short, climate-controlled cruise down the highway to get here. The wild jungles have given way to paved walkways and beautiful homes. The bugs have found their home in the back bay wetland meadows, away from the sunbathers.

What you should plan to bring

Some islands are packed with hotels, motels inns and such. Avalon and Stone Harbor are a little different. Sure, we have some hotels and motels (a few inns too!), but for the most part, people who vacation here rent time in a single family home or condos / townhouses.

Each property is equipped differently so here’s a general list of things to pack besides the obvious ones:

Towels and Linens – many houses don’t offer linens. There are linen rentals in town though. (Link to Linen Rentals etc) You’ll want to bring sheets, pillowcases, shampoo etc.

Kitchen Supplies – You’ll want to bring along some paper plates / plastic-ware, trash bags, paper towels and napkins.

Bathing Suits/Supplies – this should be obvious, but there are associated items you may not think of like water shoes, sun block, rafts or boogie boards etc.

Rainy Day Supplies – galoshes and parkas? No. We mean a couple board games and maybe a video game system. If it rains, that means no beach. It doesn’t have to mean no fun!

The Check-in Process

Most of our rental turnovers happen at the same time – Saturday morning. The typical rental begins Saturday at 1:00pm and ends on Saturday at 10:00am. That allows a brief 4 hours to do a complete population switch on the island, pick-up / drop off keys and have houses cleaned.

You can imagine its a little busy on the island at this time. On the peak weekends you can expect to wait in traffic so I wouldn’t bother trying to rush down.

Here’s a local secret – traffic doesn’t build up until 9:30am. If you can get on the island before that time and had the forethought to eat breakfast already you can spend the couple hours before check-in in any way you wish rather than spending it in line.

Finally, 1:00pm arrives. Stop in our office, located at 29th Street and Dune Drive in Avalon. We’ll have the keys to your rental house and your “welcome bag” – stuffed with great local information, promotions, etc – waiting for you.

Let the Avalon / Stone Harbor vacation begin!

Late Check-ins

If you plan to arrive after-hours, you’ll want to let us know ahead of time so we can make arrangements for you to acquire keys to your property.

Our Office Hours

We’re open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm. On Sundays we’re open 10am to 4pm.

Inspecting your Rental Property

When you enter the property, make sure you briefly inspect things while you unpack. You’ll want to report any deficiencies to us immediately.

Rental Property Cleaning

Remember, if you’re renting someone’s home, you’ll need to make sure arrangements have been made for the cleaning of the property at check-out time. Most homeowners don’t have their own cleaning staff. Not to worry, we can help you make arrangements.

Trash Collection Days

Its advisable to remember which days are trash pick-up days for your house. In the summer both Avalon and Stone Harbor collect trash twice per week for any given location.

Phone Service

While most homes do have phones with local service, you should plan on a bringing a cellphone in case of emergencies.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your rental, please contact us right away.

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